Day 3 Pontian Kechil to Singapore – Wrong way across the causeway. 

The morning at Pontian started superbly with a beautiful sunrise and a ride to the waterfront and to top it off a nice kopitiam breakfast and then back lane cendul. The initial plan was to cross to Singapore via the Causeway and into Woodlands. Since we discovered that we could actually cross also via Second Link but we need to bus through into Singapore as bicycles are not allow to be ridden through. How hard can that be right? Cycle to Gelang Patah take a bus to Malaysian CIQ for clearance hop on another bus to cross the bridge, jam 30 mins , disembark wait in line 30 mins , clear immigration, wait for another bus to Jurong East. Whew! Then cycle to hostel. Although it was one big hassle it was also one big adventure and discovery. Life is such and it needs to be savored to its fullest. 

Good Morning Pontian
Fantastic paved waterfront
Brommie says Good Morning too.
Breakfast time at Pontian
Breakfast part 2 Cendol time

Deep in discussion with SK from Tree In Lodge

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