Balkans 2016 – Day 2 : The Waiting Game. 

Another day of waiting gives me the opportunity to acquaint myself with Istanbul again. Yes I been to Istanbul 3 or 4 times before around 20 years ago. After a great soupy breakfast I stuck around a little while before heading by bus to the edge of Bosphorous on the Europe side and took a ferry across to the Asia side for a quick lunch and then back via a senic Bhosporous tour. Headed back to wait for the luggage arrival but not a single sign. As it turns out it’s pasar tani Wednesday around the area I am staying and it was a massive one. Enjoyed the sight of the variety of local produce, spices and dried goods. Decided to head back again to wait. Still nada. Its almost 10 pm now nothing yet. To be continued. ………

Had a wonderful chicken vege soup with unlimited amount of bread. All for 4 TL only.
Scenes at Eminonu the edge of Europe along the Bosphorus. This is where you can hop on local ferries or do a Bosphorus tour
Do like the turks and relax with a cuppa bitter coffee. Yeehaaa
The view of the Euopean side of Turkey. Surprisngly doesnt seem to have changed much after close to20 years. I am glad that no signs of massive mega towers all along the Bosphorus
Rumeli Fotress. Built in 1452.
Hey Green peace. what are you protesting against now.
OK OK will act touristy and pose. Background structure is Kizkulesi aka Maidens Tower. Would have been interesting to take a boat ride over but entrance priced at 20TL is a bit of a rip off.
Transformation of a framers market
Fantastic array of stuff you can get here.
All the produce are super fresh and inexpensive. I bought a kilo of Peaches at 2.5 Lira only. That works out to be around 3.50 RM.
Hanging shoes
Head scarfs are very popular
Crowd swell.
More crowds
Entrance to my warmshower host ‘s apartment
Here with my very talented host. Mustafa was a graduate in Business Admin and now he is a graphic and multi media designer He is also the owner of Pilli bikes sepcializing in outfitting bikes with electronic kit.

One of Mustafa’s clients bike

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