Balkans 2016 – Day 6 : Kirklareli to Edirne 

What another great day of riding and enjoying the Turkish experience. Upon reaching Edirne I will rest and spend a few days here before crossing the border to Bulgaria. 

The day went on from good to better and ending at best so I thought I start the sharing in reverse for a change. 

Upon waking up in a comfy bed provided by Engin my Warmshowers host I started to write this blog. 

Yesterday I was riding into Edirne and onwards to Migros supermarket where I am suppose to be greeted by someone to bring me over to Engins place. Before that I notice road signs that says that way to Yunanistan. Turns out that’s what Turk call Greece. It seems Turks name countries mostly ending with Stan which means land of or home of in ancient Farsi. 

I was met by a 14 year old boy with a big smile on a bike and he waved at me and said “this way to Engins place “. I followed and reached Engins bike shop and met with the man himself. Immediately he greeted me ala Turkish style meaning kiss on both cheeks and that completely made me feel welcome already.  

Engin had hosted many cycle tourers before me an so many have mentioned about this warmness and generosity and I can immediately feel why. After later he showed me his guest book and also wall where many have written great comments about this hospitality. I am really looking forward to this experience. 

I was settled in a comfy room and have a much needed shower, stop by Engins bike shop which is just across the road and had some chit chat with him and his partner Tamir and all sort of folks. After that we went back to Engins apartment and had a wonderful dinner on his balcony with delicious grilled Black Sea fish called Palamut and off course plenty rounds of Raki. It was also dinner that I learn how to drink Raki like the Turkish do. After that it was bedtime and I can tell you I had my best sleep in a week. 

The ride from Havsa a small village about 25km outside of Erdine was interesting. After having a nice lunch and rest I noticed that my route plan that I copied from Pheobe Tan seem to go off D020 here and going somewhere else. So I decided to check it out but soon found out to that it leads to a large highway which I decided to not take and instead road back and followed the D020 instead. Well I am happy I did that as I went through the country roads that was still broken up and rough but the traffic was really sparse. The terrain was the usual with open farm fields far and wide. Interestingly I have seen only a few road kills so far.  Perhaps one dog, one porcupine, one bird and a pigeon. 

Before arrive to Havsa I started off from Kirklareli. Camped at the open park last night. Well the camping at the park did not go as planned and I got very little sleep.  First the pesky dogs that keeps barking randomly and then the park sprinkler system came on sharp at 12 midnight. At first I thought someone was trying to spray me water to get off the park. Again primitive brain talking. In the end I found out that it was actually the sprinkler turning on to water the lawn. Lucky my MSR tent was able to take the full force of the spray for at least 20 minutes. 

Fortunately I woke up to a beautiful morning and took my time to make coffee and enjoy the sunrise before packing and making my way to Erdine. 

Lions Project : RM 26.72

Good Morning ! Time for a coffee!
Its because of nothingness I find beauty
Picking grapes for 2 Liras per kilo.

Turkish Donner lunch at Harvas
Nice place to have lunch at Harvas before pushing on to Edirne
Egin my host for a few days bicycle shop. It s a fairly big and well stocked shop.
Engin’s place where I will be putting up a few days.
Supposed to be my room but someone has taken it so i switch to another one. LOL
Fantastic dinner at Engins balcony We had grilled Palamut fish from the Black Sea and plentj of Raki

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