Balkan 2016 – Day 12 : Bachkovo Monastery to Chepelare, Bulgaria. 

Planned for a late start today and spent some time walking around and exploring the historic monastery. I would have loved to experience more the way of live of the monks and Preist but did not managed to find someone I could interact with. The priests were quite distance so was very difficult to ask about what things I could experience. The museum and all other attraction was closed. Someone mentioned you could buy their homemade wine and raki but that too is not available. So I decided to leave soon after and hit the hills.

It was a wonderful day of riding with temperatures warm and sunny and blue skies. The autumn colors were amazing. 

The ride up from 300m to 1000m was actually not that hard and the climb was very gradual. 

I wanted to reach the Ski resort of Chepelare but decided to wild camp around 5km before. I found a perfect spot and decided to pitch my tent. There is a farm house in the distance and does not appear to be anyone there. I hope it is ok for me to camp. Well let’s see what happen tomorrow. 

Temperature is dropping like crazy as the night sets in. It started around 25c when I stopped riding and now is almost 10c and dropping.  Brrrrr I am going to tuck in now. 

Connection is poor so that’s all the photo I can upload. Will upload more when I have better connection

Lions Peoject : RM 50.75

Monastery dinning hall
Another view of Bachkovo Monastery
Meat patty and kofte. Cheap breakfast only 1.80 Lev

Hello and Good Morning Bachkovo

Rock falls are common all along the route
The journey continues.

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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