Balkans 2016 – Day 13: Chepelare to Yogida, Bulgaria

This morning I decided to decamp at soon as there is sunlight. This might reduce the chance of being detected. But there was still no one.  Last evening though there was someone hearding his cows in the distance. 

The hills continued till I reached Pamporovo a touristic ski resort. I stop for lunch and decided to continue on to head towards Yagodina where the interesting cave was. I had noticed that I so far have climbed to more than 1500m and upon checking my GPS for the forward elevation I was thrilled that this would be the peak and it will be downhill to 750m for 15km! Yahoooooooo! 

And what a joy the downhill was you get to cruise the distances and you get to see the incredibly beautiful vista of autumn colors of hues of orange and yellow interrupted by green and brown in the surrounding mountains and also very scenic villages along the way mostly ancient that seeming to be calling you out to hear their story. 

Initially I thought of stopping at Tresel about 8km from Yagodina to stay the night and make day trips to the cave. Upon reaching a place that look like a hostel I asked if there was room available. They waved me away and said no. I am not sure if they did not want to give me a room or the place is closed. In any case I had no choice but to move on to Yagodina. 

What a great decision as the route to Yagodina was very interesting and visually arresting. The road is a small and winding country road sometimes broken up but mainly in good conditions. I meanders along the river and on both your sides you will have the gorges. 

Upon reaching Yagodina I did not see any apparent hotel. So I asked a lady if there was a hotel nearby and see said not here but in Yagodia which is 3km away. I say great how much and they say nice room at 15Lev a night. Deal on. But I have to cycle anything uphill to Yagodia to reach the villa ( I am told in this area they are called this as if usually a small family run place ) 

After what seemed to be a incredibly long cranking uphill session I finally reached the villa. 

I will spend the next 2 days here to do some laundry, power my devices, have a look see and rest if I can get some.  Yagodina means Strawberry in Bulgarian but there is no strawberries in sight at all. Hmm I wonder why this place is called such. 

Lions Project : RM 57.53

Good Morning Time to decamp
Morning has broken
Typical breakfast in this region
City Square in Cheperale
Lunch stop at Pomporovo
My first Bulgarian beer. Its a tad bitter for me.
The many ancient bridges you will pass
Another view of the bridge
Another old village Orthodox church, Shiroka Laka
Shiroka Laka
Fantastic road through the gorges leading to Yogadina
Another ancient bridge
Fantastic mountain views around Yagodina
The climb is well worth it. Just look at this
The pain replaced with joy instantly
I am in heaven.
Yagodia village. An prominent church. It seems there are only 6 muslims out of 400 in this village and they are older folks. I am sure there is a story behind this.
My homestay for two days
Fantastic room at only 7.5 Euros per night.
My dinner . Fresh river fish , salad and home grown fried potatoes. Delicious. 5 Euros!

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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