Balkans 2016 – Day 14 : Yagodina, Bulgaria

Today it is day for laundry, charging equipment and resting. I spend half the day basically walking around Yagodia and Yagodina. It was a wonderful walk to and fro the Yogadina cave.  It is so peaceful and scenic here. 

The stroll to the cave entrance was around 6km back and forth. It was a joy to walk and savor the wonderful scene and quietness. 

I took the cave tour that lasted 45 mins. I happen to join the Russian group and thus the explanation was entirely in Russian. However in the end the tour guide pitied me and did an quick summary in English. It seems that this cave is among more that 10,000 marble caves in Bulgaria. He made it very clear that these are marble caves and not like limestone caves in Asia. Well lucky for that as I already thought we have bigger and lor impressive caves in Malaysia. Anyway he told me 2 unique feature of the cave. One is called the leopard skin which apparantley only happens in marble caves and the other one cave pearls which are naturally formed. Interesting. 

After the tour. I had a quick lunch and headed back to rest and check on my laundry and also dry my tent. 

The sky turned dark and it drizzled slightly before stopping.  You can hear thundering in the distance and the looming dark clouds bent on staying. I hope it clear up or at worst remain cloudy tomorrow as I head out. 

I plan to head out to the next big town called Dospat to withdraw some money and top up my prepaid card.

Lions Project : RM 57.53

Early morning already working
Good morning Yagodia
The view upon arriving the village of Yagodia.
One of the many drinking stations. water is cool , clean and fresh
Nice colors greets you all along the road
More fantastic colors
May I present to you the beautiful Yagodina, Bulgaria
Double wow !
Yagodina Cave
Yagodina Caves
Leopard skin effect. Seems only happen in marble caves
Dark clouds looming but it seemed to have passed
Till the cows come home.

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