Balkans 2016 – Day 15 : Yagodina to Satrovcha, Bulgaria

What a nice 2 days spent resting and enjoying the beautiful Yagodina. Eventually I had to leave. I already anticipated that there will be more climbs today. And I was right. It was slow going but I was bent on getting to at least Satrovcha.

However I am low on cash and out of data plan. So I need to get to a town that has a bank and I could get prepaid top up.

The touristic lake town Dospat was the place I need to be. Although around 30km or so away getting there took me at least 3 hours. When I arrived if took me awhile to search for the place for the prepaid top up. After finding it I had a great lunch of chicken and stew cabbage.  Very cheap . With a drink included it costed only 1.75 Euros.

Since I am at the lake town, I checked out the lakeside and I am happy I did as it was very scenic.

As I am short of time to reach Satrovcha , I did not spend too much time here and started riding or rather climbing.  More relentless climbing until almost 10km to Satrovcha it was downhill all the way . I decided to stop around 5km from town and started to look for a camping spot and I spotted a restaurant with ample land and I stopped to ask the owner if I could camp and have food at his place. He says ok.

After setting camp I went to dinner and then headed back to my tent to tuck in around 830pm . It started to drizzle, I hope it won’t be too cold  Good night folks.

Lions Project: RM 62.60


Author: krankster

I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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