Balkans 2016 – Day 16 : Satrovcha to Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria

A relative good sleep last night out camping near Satrovcha. Not too cold and it was very peaceful. Woke up at my usual time and hang out the tent to dry a bit before pushing off. 

I was not very sure where I would end up as Bansko at 89 km seems a bit daunting with expected hill climbs. Gotse Delchev on the other hand is around 45km away.  In between there was really nothing interesting.  So I just play by ear and go and see how I end up.

Fortunately it was a relatively easy ride to Gotse Delchev as there was more downhill than uphill. I arrive Gotse Delchev at around 130pm just in time for lunch. 

Some of the downhills were exhilarating and downright spectacular. So it was a real joy cycling today. 

Gotse Delchev is a relative big town and I found a perfect spot to have lunch near the park. After lunch I was mulling if I should carry on or stay. I was thinking of the need for the use of a proper bathroom for “big business” and shower and that tip the scale for me. The other factor of me staying is that I managed to get a coach surfing host to host me tomorrow at Bansko. 

So I went on a hunt for cheap stay and after awhile found one. There was no one at the place but there was a number I could call. Initially the lady said on the phone 22 Lev but I said too expensive and wanted to leave. Just as I was about to leave, the husband came out and I spoke to him and asked him and he started babbling something in Bulgarian and finally said 15 Lev and I said ok.  Hmmmm what does tell you ? Women are hard bargainers and men are terrible at it?

Anyway happy that I got a good deal. The room is ok not as good as the one in Yagodina. In any case have some time on my hands and so I went on a quick city tour. Nothing too interesting except I had a kick out of watching the locals. 

Tomorrow I expect a hard 49km to Bansko. 

Good Morning Satrovcha
Pasar pagi at Satrovcha
This nice lady gave me a bunch of fresh prunes.
Hello mountains
Approach to Gotse Delchev
Hello Mountain again

Delicious cabbage and meat dish for lunch 1.5 Euros
There told you it was delicious or I was very hungry
My homestay for the night 7.5 Euros
Church downtown Gotse Delchev
These coffee machines are everywhere in Bulgaria. cheap coffee only 0.20 Euros per cup


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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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