Balkans 2016 – Day 18 : Bansko to Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Fiona and Colin have to leave their home at 915 am to take their cats to the vet in Blagoevgrad and so I have to also be ready to leave by then. It’s not really a problem because I usually try to push off by 930am anyways.

Fiona mentioned that it’s downhill all the way to Blagoevgrad which puts a big smile on me. However I was a bit skeptical as my Garmin shows climbing.

Anyway Day 18 started very cold and overcast. As I rode out of Bansko the road was relatively flat and then I started feeling the climb. So Garmin was right.

However the climb was gradual and long at around 15km. I took a break at the peak of the climb. After that it would be one of the longest downhill so far. I peaked at 1150m and went downhill for at least 20km until around 350m. So making it to Blagoevgrad which is around 59km from Bansko relatively quick. I was already in Blagoevgrad in time for lunch. With time on my hands I explored the city and started to find for places to stay.

Came across a hostel but the owner  said it was fully booked. They had only 2 rooms ! Anyway he asked me to wait and he called his daughter to come over as she spoke English.

Since the sky is opening up and started to drizzle I was not too keen to look for other places. So I suggested to the daughter that I just need a space to sleep and I don’t need a room as I have camping gear. So I asked if they have a space that is available. The daughter showed me the hostel’s kitchen and dinning area which was very spacious and said if this would do. I said I will take it. The cost ? 5 Euros ! Great deal especially unlimited coffee and free use of kitchen and toilet. And not forgetting free apples as the tree is bearing fruits now and they are dropping as I am typing this.

Had a simple dinner and bought a bottle of wine for 3 Euros to reward myself.

Macedonia border is 28km away and tomorrow I hope to cross over and continue the journey into a new country while bidding Bulgaria a fond farewell.

Lions Project : RM 78.10


Author: krankster

I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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