Balkans 2016 – Day 20 : Delchevo to Shtip, Macedonia 

As I awoke from another great rest, looking out of the window I noticed that the sun is rising visibly and that’s good news as it looks promising that it would be a great day for riding.  After a fantastic breakfast of homemade biscuits, eggs and cheese made by Andrea and Jared, I was ready to set off for the day. With goodbyes said and selfies taken, I started my journey. The weather was still cool but not cold.

The first half of the ride is a bit of a climb but I am rewarded by spectacular views especially around the area of Makedonska Kamenica town which overlooks a huge dam. At first I thought I was looking at a spectacular valley but later I realized that it was a very dry dam. I wonder what happened to it.

After passing dam it was all  mostly downhill from here to Kochani. I stopped at Kochani for lunch before pushing on to Shtip.

Took a quick detour to have a look at Shtip and also to look for a place to stay. It appears that there is only one hotel in town. It was too expensive for me so I asked the reception if there are other options. He said I could go check out a petrol station around 1 km away as there is a motel there.

It is quite typical in these region to find petrol stations that are also motels and restaurants.

It was getting dark and I found the motel and decided to check in for the night. That would give me an opportunity to do some light washing and also charge my devices.

Overall although one of the longer ride days I enjoyed the ride today. I hope tomorrow’s weather would be equally great for riding.

Lions Project : RM 91.72

breakfast time
Goodbye slefie for memory
taking a break
Beautiful but empty
there are still bodies of water but very low.

yeehaa downhill
Lunch time !
Rice fields of Kochani.
Church in Shtip

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