Balkans 2016 – Day 40 : Budva to Kotor, Montenegro

Budva to Montenegro is only a short ride of 20KM something so I took it easy in the morning and had a late start. The weather was perfect again. I am so blessed with this weather.  I believe out of 40 days I had 2 days of which I cycled in the rain. 

Anyway the ride is by no means easy. Multiple hill climbs and descend and then a 1.8 KM tunnel before arriving to Kotor. I really don’t like tunnels. I hope I don’t have to pass too many along the way especially the long ones. 

Since I was early into Kotor, I checked into the hostel and then went for a hike to the city wall and fotress to have the best view of Kotor bay. It not an easy climb but the view was glorious. I had to pay 3 Euro for entrance fee. Painful but necessary. I find Montenegro expensive compared to the others I have been so far. I hear Croatia is even more expensive. 

The whole Kotor town and vicinity is stunning as soon as you arrive. It was also full of tourist still. But when night falls all the tourist are gone and the town is nice and quiet. 

I was expecting Fumi San to creep up on me but did not see him at all. Anyway had an early dinner and updated my blog after that. The Internet at the hostel was terribly slow so it was a pain to work with so I call if the night and turn in. 

Lions Project : RM 186.60

Good morning Budva. Time to hit the hills
Switchback galore
Mountains greet you on every corner.
Welcome to Kotor
Amazingly huge cruise ships just dock right at the center iof town
My hostel for the night inside the okd town
Hostel lobby area
Every corner you will find trendy cafes and restaurants inside the old town
Fantastic view of the Kotor old town
These are the steps to top where the fortress w walls are
a great view of the Kotor Bay.
Hello fromthe top
I need to get to the top over there.
Not easy to get there.
Hello Kotor !
Outside the city walls

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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