Balkans 2016 – Day 42 : Kotor, Montenegro to Kings Landing, Croatia

In anticipation of a long ride today, I woke up early and had breakfast before checking out the hostel in Kotor. As I was leaving the old town I bumped into a bunch of Malaysian tourist who wanted to take photos with me. As I did not display my Malaysian flag because it’s broken, I wonder how they knew I was Malaysian. I actually asked one of them and they say I looked like one. Hmm is that a good thing or bad? I wonder. 

Anyway 10 photos snaps after I was able to push off. Apparently the folks who took photos with me told me that they are a part of a Malaysian tourist contingent of 3 bus load strong. It seems they are all on a Balkan tour. 

I decide to take the shortest route out of Kotor which involves taking a ferry. It was a great choice. Although the ferry ride was short it was fun. It costed me 1 Euro. 

After that I continued to hug to coast with some great views of the coast again. The hill climb started as I approached the border control. 

Clearance at both sides was smooth and easy. There was hardly any traffic so if was quick. 

It was around 46Km after the border control to Kings Landing aka Dubrovnik but it was a hard 46KM. A lot of climbing but downhill was not as many. The last 4KM was a pain with 90 % climbing and just the last KM of so downhill to center of Dubrovnik. My iPhone was acting up and it bricked so I was not able to access my maps to find the hostel I booked into. 

I went to a cable car ticket counter and asked if the ticketing lady can help me locate the hostel. I gave her the address and she managed to give me some direction to the hostel. 

It was almost 430 and getting dark. The sun now sets around 530pm. As I was stopped at the traffic light I began to look at the physical map that the cable car lady gave me. A passer by motorcyclist asked if I needed help. I told them yes S I was looking for the hostel. They say they know the hostel as they live just next door. So they gave me further directions and I was able to find it without any problems. 

When I arrived there was no one except another guess from Mexico. After awhile someone came and checked me in. And then guess who popped up? Fumi ” Killa” !  This is now getting into more than just coincidence. 

Later after settling in, I went to grocery store to buy dinner and a bottle of cheap Solvenian wine for 2 Euros to reward myself. 

After dinner., I updated my blog and also reply some email messages before turning in for the night.Tomorrow I will explore the old town Dubrovnik aka Kings Landing. 

Lions Project : RM 195.60

Ferry ride only 1 Euro one way.
Enjoying the ferry ride

Goodbye Montenegro
Border Control Montenegro
Hello Croatia
Croatian welcome.
Aiseh whyvso many hill climbs one ?
Hello Kings Landing
Help ! I can’t shake this guy off.

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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