Balkans 2016 – Day 43 : Dubrovnik, Croatia

A free day to explore the famous Dubrovnik. This place is very touristy and things are mighty expensive. So instead of taking an expensive cable car ride up to the peak to view Kings Landing aka Old Town walls of Dubrovnik, I hiked up instead. It’s free and good exercise too. I also left my bike in the hostel so I don’t have to worry about leaving if in public places. I took the local bus instead to the trail head.
The hike up to the top took me almost an hour with photo stops but it was pleasant. The trail is mostly steep at sections with at least 10 300 m or more long switchbacks before you reach the top. Half way, I bumped into Fumi yet again already done with the top and decending.  The view from the top is fantastic and well worth the hard hike. Decending took only 35 minutes or so.

After the hike I decided to visit the old town and take some pictures. Many many tourist but I did not see any Malaysians this time. You have to pay pay pay for everything include the walk on top of the city walls so I skipped everything and went back to the hostel to cook dinner.

Fumi and I cooked our dinner separately but we had dinner together. Chit chatted a while and also discussed about our route plans for tomorrow. We are both heading to Mostar in Bosnia. It seems that there is an easier route to Mostar and Fumi recommends that we should take that route. I couldn’t agree more. So it will be likely that we will both be riding together tomorrow towards Mostar. We will not reach Mostar as if is around 143KM away but our target is Metkovic which is around 90KM away. We decided to push off around 730am so that we have enough daylight to ride. It’s now getting dark at 530pm and sun starts to set at 430pm. So as I head towards the north not only the day is getting shorter the temperature is also dropping.

Lions Project : Same as Day 42

More steep stairs but interesting alleys and houses
Fantastic view of Kings Landing
Another great view of the old city walls
more fantastic views as you grind uphill
Fumi strikes again.
Buggies for hire
Rocket disgiused as communication tower?
Expensive option to take in the view
See I made it to the top
Long walk back down
Tourist galore
My packed lunch view
OK time to walk down
Dubrovnik old city wall

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