Balkans 2016 – Day 44 : Dubrovnik,Croatia to Doljani, Bosnia

Last night Fumi and I discussed the route plan as we both wanted to head away from the touristic and expensive Croatian coast to Bosnia. We had both wanted to get to Mostar in Bosnia. Since it’s over 130KM away we wisely decided that it would be too crazy to do it in one day. Fumi after researching found a great valley route to get to Mostar. Valley route means flat. OK there are no such thing as flat in the Balkans. Flattish is a better description.  The ride plan is to get to a town in Croatia called Metkovic which is 90km plus from Dubrovnik which is hard riding but doable. We will ride along the coast till Neum and Opuzen before going off the coast and towards inland. 

We decided we should push off earlier as days are getting shorter and we want to reach our destination well before sunset. So we target to set off at 730am. 

After a quick breakfast and then packing we were ready to push off. We are kinda riding and not riding together. Since our pace is so different, it was decided that the best way is we just agree to meet up at Metkovic and decide what to do next. 

I pushed off first, however I took the wrong turn and ended but taking a short city tour before getting on the right track. After awhile I bumped into Fumi taking photos of the bridge.  So for the rest of the day we were taking turns catching up with each other all the way till Metkovic. On the way to Metkovic along the coast we passed by some fantastic vistas again. Even as we go in land and over some hill passes we were rewarded with great landscapes. Today is also the day that I crossed the 2,000 KM mark. Wow. Already ? 

As planned we met up at Metkovic and discussed whether we should get a motel to share or go over to Bosnia to wild camp. The Bosnia border is only around 3 KM from where we are. We decided that we should camp since it nice weather. So we stocked up at a supermarket for dinner and breakfast and proceeded to cross the border. 

The border crossing was smooth and quick. We immediately started to look for a place to camp and found something nice just a short distance from the border control and scouted there a while. Just as we were about to settle in, a border police came over and eventually told us we could not camp here since its less than 500m from the border control and asked us to camp somewhere else. 

We finally found a place around 2 Km away along the river and camped there. It was a fantastic find as the river and surrounding area was peaceful and stunning. 

After setting up our tents, cooked and ate our dinner we turned in early at around 8pm. Tomorrow we will ride to Mostar which is around 40KM. Easy peasy ? Actually not so. Why ? You will find out in my next blog. 

Lions Project : RM 206.10

Took the wrong turn but rewarded with great views
Never mind the climb. view is great
i nee to get across that bridge
Bridge crossing
View from the bridge
Wide open scenic roads
Rest stop view
Manage to catch up to super Fumi
Clouds are building up
Another scenic stop
Amazing fortresses folks build those days.
Skies are clearing up
Aiyah. Uphill.
Fumi again. you noticed his slipar ?
Yay. Downhill.
I am at the peak finally.
Fumi again
Loads of mandarin orange for sale
Welcome to Bosnia
Bosnia border control
First potential camp site but we were chased away
Picture perfect la
Like painting
Our perfect campsite
This marks my spot
Simple but hearty chicken soup

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

One thought on “Balkans 2016 – Day 44 : Dubrovnik,Croatia to Doljani, Bosnia”

  1. Beautiful scenery indeed. Postcard picture every time. So nice to follow your adventure here. Thanks for sharing Yong. Oh, Fumi has no plans to get a helmet?

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