Balkans 2016 – Day 45 : Doljani to Mostar, Bosnia

What a brilliant campsite we had. I had a great sleep and it was not too cold. I think around 11C at night and morning. Since Mostar was only 40KM away we were not so much in a rush and so we took our time to have breakfast and decamped. We finally left the camp site at around 830am. The weather looked ok with scattered clouds here and there. So we were hopeful for fine weather. 

The day started off slightly cloudy and I was hopeful that it would be another good weather for riding. I was totally wrong. Just 20KM before Mostar, the weather turned and dark clouds began to loom and then slight drizzle. As I was approaching Mostar it began to get heavier with very gusty wind. I was determined to make it to the intended hostel where I was supposed to meet Fumi. So I pushed on. By now I was getting very cold but my rain jacket thankfully kept me dry. I was using MapsMe offline map to route me to the hostel. As I approached the building I remembered from reviews that this place was hard to find as there was no sign boards. Anyway I saw a lady with shopping bags and umbrella squatting at the stair case and she waved at me upon seeing me and I waved back and said Dada Hostel ? She said yes. Oh great Fumi must have got in first and told her to wait for me. Well it turned out that this was not the case. Fumi was nowhere to be seen. It was just pure luck and coincidence that she was resting from the rain after grocery shopping and saw me looking around so she figured I must be looking for her place. 

Anyway hostel is in a private home and it’s nice warm and homely. Also it cost 5 Euros per night including breakfast. A great bargain. After taking a quick shower I went to meet up with Fumi. It seems he couldn’t find Dada’s place so he checked into another hostel nearby. 

We met up to wish each other safe travels and goodbye as Fumi will be resting in Mostar for 5 days and also to fix his bike as his front hubs is giving way. He will be heading south back to Croatia and eventually to Portugal. 

I rewarded my self with a nice Bosnian Grilled veal liver and did a quick walk around and saw many buildings with scars form the war and genocide that happen here less than 20 years ago. The weather was still bad. It’s still windy and raining, so I decided to go back to the hostel to rest and catch up on the blog and also to plan my route. 

After awhile the host cooked dinner for me and it was veal liver again. I am now properly stuffed. I am staying indoors for the rest of the night as its cold and windy. I would love to spend more time to look around Mostar. Maybe I can do that tomorrow if weather permits. 

Lions Project : RM 210.30

Good Morning Bosnia
A perfect campsite
Dark and grey day
So gloomy
Wet wet wet
Welcome snack
Gloomy weather
Lunchtime. Veal liver
many buildings still riddled with bullet holes from the war
bullet riddled
Scar of war

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