Balkans 2016 – Day 46 : Mostar, Bosnia

It was such a beautiful day that I decided to stay one more day to enjoy Mostar. After a nice breakfast provided by the host, I went to the bus station looking for the bus to a village called Blagaj around 15KM from Mostar.  After checking with the bus counter  I was pointed to the right bus stop to wait. The next bus was 1130 and it was only 10 so I decided to walk to the old town to have a look. It was a nice walk and the old town was very pretty especially the famous bridges. 

I did not manage to finish seeing the sights because I had to go back to the bus station to catch the bus. I plan to return later in the day to continue with the tour of the old town Mostar. 

Bus fare was around 1 Euro one way. Blagaj is a famous placed where the Tekija Blagaj Devrish house is situation at the source of the river Buna build end 15th Century. It’s a very scenic and beautiful place. I took many pictures there. 

After waiting for a long time for the return bus to Mostar, I was finally back in Old town Mostar. I continued to soak in the sites of Mostar and had a nice local lunch. I took many pictures before returning back to the hostel to rest. 

Tomorrow I will head to Konjic which is halfway between Mostar and Sarajevo. Rain is forecasted for tomorrow. I hope it will be kind to me. 

Lions Project : Same as Day 45

Nice homecooked breakfast from the host
The local bus to Blagaj
Biscevica House built in 1635
Koski Mehmet Pasa Mosque
Koski Mehmet Pasa Mosque
Inside Koski Mehmet Pasa Mosque
Old town Mostaf
Old town Mostaf
View from the bridge
Stari Most ( Old Bridge) built 1566
Fortress at Blagaj
Buna River at Blagaj
Stara Derviska Tekija (Dervish Monastery )
Quaint and beautiful Blagaj village
Back at Olc Town Mostar
Lunch time
Another view of the famous Stari Most
Kriva Cuprija ( Crooked Bridge) circa 1558

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