Balkans 2016 – Day 47 : Mostar to Konjic, Bosnia

Forecast for today in Mostar is rain. I was however determined to ride as long as the rain is not too heavy and wind not too gusty. It was not. Actually the day started rather grey but no rain. So after the usual breakfast from the host, I pushed off. The outside temperature was a crisp 10c with a slight headwind. The skies were however quite grey. After about 20KM or so the rain started. Most of the the time just light drizzle. It was nothing I could not handle so I continued cycling. 

The route was actually quite pleasant and scenic. Even with the grey background the landscape was stunning. Around 30KM mark I met a couple of tourers from Germany cycling from opposite direction. They are heading to Mostar. We chatted awhile before going separate ways. The German couple have been on tour I believe for 4 months already. You can check them out on

After another 15KM or so I was waved down by some truckers by the side of the road. They wanted to offer me food. I thought why not. So I pulled over to say hello to them. It seems that there are truckers from Turkey hauling stuff from Germany to Iran. One of the truckers seemed very amused that I would cycle from Istanbul. They offered me some Turkish soup and bread and also gave me a grapefruit and giant orange to take away.  That was so fun. After I finished my soup they packed up and left. 

Stomach full and warm I continued my journey towards Konjic which would be my target town to spend the night before Sarajevo. 

The rest of the journey was not too uncomfortable as the rain was light and it was only slightly cold. I stopped for lunch and had a wood fired Burek with cheese and 2 cups of Bosnian Coffee. 

I reached Konjic before 3 pm and was going around looking for the hostels I planned to check out. However I could not find any of them as there were no signboards at all. Finally I found one near the train station. 

Had a simple dinner and a beer and then replace both my front and rear brakes before turning in for an early rest. 

Tomorrow I plan get to Sarajevo. Hoping for mild weather. 

Lions Project : RM 217.70

Grey grey day.
One of the many tunnels that i would pass today. some short like this some as long as 1 KM
Moody but dramatic
The truckers i met that offered me soup and bread
Delicious soup
The Turkish Truckers
All ready to continue their journey
Bye bye
Superb vistas
Strike a dramatic pose
Bridge for trains
its great cycling along river and gorges
Fantastic scenery
Some hill climbs are worthwhile
Wood fired Burek
Yummy wood fired cheese burek
Fantastic Bosnian coffee
No wild camping for me today
Stari Most Konjic
First sight of snow capped mountains

Author: krankster

I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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