Balkans 2016 – Day 48 : Konjic to Sarajevo, Bosnia

Weather forecasted to be raining but I was determined to make it to Sarajevo. In any case the whole week is forecasted to be wet. So no point waiting it out. I am hoping that the rain would be light and sparse. Just as I was about to leave , the rain became heavy so I decided to wait it out a while. Once the rain stopped to a drizzle I quickly pushed off in hope that it stays that way.

Well it did for awhile and then the rain started again. The wind also became gusty. Fortunately for the first time i experienced tail wind and in a few instance the tail wind actually propelled me forward up a climb a few times.  That was fun. I had to stop a few times and seek shelter because the rain was too heavy.

Around 30km to Sarajevo I took a coffee before continuing. After that the sky cleared and the sun started to appear. I am also making great time as its was mostly downhill all the way to Sarajevo. I arrived in Sarajevo around 1230 noon just in time for lunch.

For the first time I saw a fast food chain in the Balkans. I was tempted to  grab a Big Mac but resisted and went for Cervapi instead. I was happy I did.

Sarajevo looks interesting. I hope to explore more tomorrow

Lions Project : RM 223.60

One of the many train bridges I passed today.
Trying to get nice picture in bad weather
Yay sunshine
Time for a coffee break. 0.5 Euro only
Greeted by a bicycle lane when arriving Sarajevo
At last the mighty American junk food appears.
Shall I or Shall I not ?
I chose this.
Yummy. All for 2 Euros
Bike for rent. I did not see any on the road yet.
There are many museums in Sarajevo. I don’t think I will be able to visit most.
Very dramatic. This is non photoshopped and direct from my iPhone. Welcome to Sarajevo.

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