Balkans 2016 – Day 49 : Sarajevo, Bosnia 

After coming this far I thought I should spend sometime to explore Sarajevo, the capital and biggest and most well known city in Bosnia. I understand that this city has a lot of history. Most infamously known as the place where WW1 was triggered and most recently the city that has experience the longest period of siege during the war of 1993-96. 

The city is a mishmash of Ottoman and European n sometimes you feel as though parts are like Turkey and then some parts in a typical city in Western Europe. 

As I roam briefly around the old city and new city, there are little evidence left of the violence from the recent war. I saw more of that in Mostar. 

Today I decided to take a tram and try to look for the Sarajevo main station. This was recommended to me by a fellow traveller at the hostel I am staying in. Unfortunately I took the wrong tram and did not find the stations all. However it was fun seeing the city from the tram and also getting a feel of how the locals commute on a daily basis. I did however manage to buy a bungee cord which I needed badly. So not. Wasted trip at all. 

After the tram ride I returned to the old town to visit  a gallery that is featuring the story of the war and the genocide of the Bosnian Muslims. The exhibition was a combination of very interesting and sometimes graphic photographs and videos that tells the story of the people who lived through that horrific time. I spent almost 2 hours there. 

After that I had a Donner for lunch and continued exploring the old city before going back to the hostel to rest. Tomorrow forecast is rain again. I am hopeful again that it will not be too severe to hamper my progress towards my next destination. 

Lions Project : Same as Day 48

I do not know what building is this but looks Moorish and very interesting
Latin Bridge built in 16th century The place where Franz. Ferdinand was assasinated by Gavirllo Princip that triggered WW1
Sarajevo Old Town called Bascarsija
Many interesting shops and also old buildings.
Kurshumli Madrasah. Now a museum
The Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque
Cathedral of Jesus’. Sacred Heart built in 1889
Very interesting alleys in the Old Town
Lets go on a tram ride. this is one of the newer ones.
This tram is rather beaten up and still in use
Taslihan Stone Caravanserai
If you want to know more about the war , thiis is the one exhibition you should visit.
Multimedia presentations and video
Names and date of birth of all the 8 thousand plus Bosnian muslim mostly men mass massacred during the war
Vijecnica , City Hall and National Library. Built in 1889 and was burned downed during the 1992 war
Many brass ware on sale all over old town
Sweets galore
More sweets

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