Balkans 2016 – Day 52 : Travnik to Jajce, Bosnia

Weather forecasted to be reasonable. Meaning low probability of snow and rain but cold at 3 C. So that made me happy. I woke up to the sound of passing car with no slushing tire sound. So that’s good true enough a quick peek outside my window shows the road dry. 

After a quick breakfast I packed and headed off. There are still snow left over at the sides and some roof tops but none on the roads. Oh yes I decided to choose this time the longer river and valley route. The reason is the mountain route involves climbing to almost 1500m and that would be too risky with this kind of weather. I am trying to keep below 1,000m if I can. 

By the way the valley route also includes some climbing in the middle section from around 500m to a peak of 925m. The climbs were moderate and around 8% gradient at the steepest. The best thing is after the climb of around 10KM or so the rest of 50KM plus is downhill mostly. 

It lightly snowed on my climb and continued to do so on the first part of the descend. So the first cafe I spotted on the way down I dashed in for a couple of expresso to warm up. 

I was feeling a little chilled on the downhills as I was sweating on the climbs and now the dampness is making me cold. Anyway after awhile with some paddling I began to warm up and feel comfortable again. 

What a difference on this side of the hill. There are hardly any snow and the roads seemed dry. In fact as I approached Jajce,  the sun came up and showed me some blue skies. What a treat after so many days of grey weather. 

I arrived Jajce in good time and had a quick lunch before taking a walk around town to see the sights. Jajce is famous for its waterfall in the city and it looked spectacular. I only took pictures from the distance as they charge an entrance fee of 2 Euros just to get close to the waterfall. I think that’s a rip off so I decided against doing that. 

It also has a very well preserved fortress up on the hill which I enjoyed exploring for awhile and also on the outside as the opening hours is past by the time I got there. Still was good enough experiencing it from the outside. 

Went shopping for dinner and had a simple chicken soup for dinner. After that it’s lights off. 

Tomorrow I plan to get to Banja Luka and the weather seems reasonable again.  Yay !

Lions Project : RM 242.00

The day started like this but eventually improved
Very interesting
Hmmm i wonder about this wish.
It seems drier the other side
Yay the sun is winning
I wonder what Malaysia ‘s contribution to this is about
The beautiful fall of Jajce
The fort of Jajce
Great views from the fort
Had a wonderful walk in the old town Jajce
The fort exterior
Nice view all round
Entrance to the city
I wonder what the locks are about

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