Balkans 2016 – Day 55 : Gradiska, Bosnia to Kutina, Croatia

I was relieved and happy to see that the forecast for the week in these region would improved. It will be cold but at least sunshine and no rain or snow. The hostel in Gradiska is one of the best I stayed in so far. The rooms, toilets and dorms were all very new and spacious. The owners are very friendly also. In fact the owner drove me to a shop to buy Cevapi lunch. For breakfast this morning the owner made coffee and offered me some cakes. That’s a nice touch. 

The border control is around 1KM from the hostel. Clearance was quick on both sides and within 10 minutes I was off riding away from Bosnia and into Croatia again.  

The route is pretty straight forward to Kutina. Kutina is a small industrial town and most folks there work for a large fertilizer plant. I managed to find a Warmshower host so I was under no pressure to get to Kutina early to look for places to stay. Kutina is around 60KM from Gradiska so I should arrive around lunch time. 

The ride was very pleasant but slightly on the cold side. I think the average temperature was around 4 or 5 C with the sun out the whole time. The roads are also very quiet today as its a Sunday.  In terms of the scenary it was ok as I passed by many small towns and villages but mostly devoid of any activity. I wonder where are all people. Well at least there were some interesting townhouses to watch. 

My iPhone started to act up as soon as I arrived in Kutina and that is a problem as I need to go to a pre decided place to meet up and call my host. So I decided to ask someone if they are able to show me where the meeting place is. After finding the place I need to contact my host. Most shops were closed but I spotted a Pekara ( Bakery) that was open so I asked the worker there if she could help call my host. She agreed without a fuss and I managed to contact my host and with that sorted I decided to buy a cup of coffee but did not have small change so the bakery lady bought me a cup instead. 

My host Luka showed me the way to his apartment. He stays with his parents but they live on the ground floor and he has a whole floor to himself upstairs. Luka is a biker as well and have hosted my cycle tourers before. 

I was offered lunch of  homemade soup and Muossaka which was absolutely delicious compliments to his mom. After that I was offered some homemade black berry wine and also grapes from his garden. He has a huge backyard where there is a pond and also fruit trees like plums, apples and grapes. 

Lions Project : RM 260.70

I like the forecast for the week
Blue skies at last
Yes the day is going to be great
Border control
Goodbye Bosnia
Hello Croatia its going to be great
Autumn is reallly here.
Yes its sunshine
And that makes me smile
They use a lot of wood for heating
The route passes by many of such villages.
A lot of the villages still have such homes
Wow the colors
Homemade soup for lunch
Moussaka homemade by Luka’s mom
Homemade mixed vegetables pickles

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