Balkans 2016 – Day 56 : Kutina to Zagreb, Croatia

Time to head to the biggest city and capital of Croatia. The weather is forecasted to be sunny with some clouds but cold at -2C in the morning and probably around 4 C in the afternoon. 

My host Luka had to leave for work early at around 615am so left the keys to his apartment to me as I plan to leave only around 730am or so. I couldn’t find a vessel to boil water for my coffee so I just made do without it and had a simple breakfast before pushing off. 

It’s going to be a long ride to Zagreb at around 80 plus KM and I like to get there before 2pm. These days it gets dark at around 430pm. I am lucky again to find a Warmshower host in Zagreb so I was able to ride without having to worry where I would stay the night. 

The route is mainly flat with a few rolling hills. Nothing spectacular in terms of scenery so that explains the lack of photos. 

These plains are beginning to look boring. Getting into a big city is always a challenge and not so fun. After weaving in and out of the major roads leading to the city, I managed to find the host’s apartment. Drago the host works for a credit car company in fraudulent charge detection. He cycle tours around the region. He lives with his girlfriend but she is away in the US to finish her PH.D. in Harvard. 

Drago cooked a simple dinner of meatballs ( from his mom ) and pasta. After dinner, he helped me review my next ride destination. After checking some potential routes, I have finally decided on the following route going forward to Basel. I would rest for a day in Zagreb and also to see the sights. I plan to leave the day after and will head towards Graz in Austria and there after to Vienna and join the Danube route to Basel. I will pass by Solvenia briefly while on the way to Graz. 

After that we had some Rakiya and chatted awhile before turning in.  It was a good ride as the weather was tolerable. I hope more of the same tomorrow and day after. 

Lions Project : RM 270.10

yay bicycle path in some parts
First coffee break
Looking pretty in the meadows
Frost from last night
Second coffee break
Wine factory
Passed by many such churches along the way.
Finally Zagreb
Drago’s apartment

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