Balkans 2016 – Day 57 : Zagreb, Croatia

Today is a rest day for me and my host was so gracious to let me stay for another day. He was off to work early so I had the whole apartment by myself. After making some eggs for breakfast, I was ready to explore the city. 

I thought took the tram to the city which was relatively straight forward. However just 4 or 5 station away from the city center the tram stopped and everyone started to get off. Something was announced in Croation and of course I didn’t understand what’s it’s about. Thankfully a gentlemen told me I should get off. He told me that this tram is going to the depot and I need to catch the next connecting one. It’s was no big deal as the next one came after a short time. 

As soon as I got off the tram I noticed there was a big group of cyclist with panniers gathered at the corner of the city square. It appears that there was an event going on. So I went to have a closer look and also to ask what’s going on. it seems that it was an organized bike toruing ride by a local bike club to east of Zagreb. The ride would be 400 KM over 3 days. 

After that I proceeded to look at the open farmers market stalls at the city square before moving on to the important city sites. Went to the famous 12th century Zagreb Cathedral. It was a very impressive building. I went inside to have a look around. I noticed that there was a lit of Asian looking people in the front and soon after an Asian looking priest appeared. What startled me further was he started his sermon in Malay ! It sounded like Indonesian Malay. But it was so interesting that there was such a service going on. 

After that I went to explore the towns famous sites including the ride on their cable car which was for me the shortest cable car ride in the world.  The ride lasted 55 seconds. 

It was getting a bit chilly so I decided to get into a coffee shop to have a hot drink and warm up. After thatI decided to return to the apartment. 

On the return tram ride I bumped into the same gentlemen who helped me earlier on. What is coincidence. He is even living on the same street as my host. 

My host cooked a bean soup dinner and we had some wine before winding down for the night. 

Tomorrow I will ride into Solvenia and will bid Croatia goodbye. The weather is forecasted to be good.

Lions Project : Same as Day 56

Tram ride to the city
Farmers market
We are not the only ones eating deep fried pork lard.
Smoked meat shop
Nice colors
Farmers market Zagreb
Vibrant colors at the farmers market
Zagreb Cathedral
City wall
The clock above stopped during the massive earthquakd in Zagreb
Confession booth anyone ?
The beautiful St Marks Church
Why would anyone be interested in this ?
Blue wrapped trees
World shortest cable car ride ?
Cable car station
Nice bikes needs to be secured this way.
Delicious bean soup with Croatian wine. Tommorrow we will have homemade yoghurt for breakfast
My host Drago

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