Balkans 2016 – Day 58 : Zagreb, Croatia to Ptuj, Slovenia 

Last night Drago my host made some joghurt and I was looking forward to try it. We had it with some oats, dried fruits and some flax seeds and it was great. After breakfast I did my usual packing and was ready to leave. Drago gave me a small sample of tree tea oil to go. He told me that he uses the oil diluted with water to clean himself when wild camping. He said it’s also good to spray it on clothes and attires to keep odors away. I must try this and see if it works. 

After bidding Drago thanks and farewell I was off. Getting out of the city is always a pain. And it was. The night before I tried out an app to plan my route to Austria. However it acted up and was more or less useless for getting me out of the city and on to the right path. I was confident that the app work so I didn’t ask Drago for help. On hindsight perhaps I should always do that as backup. 

Anyway after awhile I saw a gentlemen that looked like a regular cyclist and I hailed him down to ask for help. I am glad I did. Turns out that he belongs to a NGO that is mapping the city’s bicycle path to improve it. Wow. He gave me some fantastic directions and also instructions on how to get where I want to go. With that I was able to get on the right route.

It was not exactly easy going even with the directions as I was trying to avoid highways. At times you have a choice of 3 routes. One is the toll way which has a abbreviation of A and in this case A2 and that I guess the trunk road D1 and then a rural road. I was kind of rushing for time as I need to be in Ptuj pronounced unfortunately as Ptui ! by 4pm. I knew it was tight as I have at least 90KM ride ahead. So I minimized the rural road and went on the D1. It’s really a touch and go situation as some parts of the D1 ,bicycles are not allowed based on road signs but I went ahead anyway. Luckily there wasn’t any issue and I manage to make good time. 

It begins to be trickier as I approach the checkpoints and I asked a passerby how to get to the immigration checkpoint and he told me I need to go up to the A1 for about 100m to get through the check points. It seems there are no other way. In any case I managed to get through again without much problem. After clearing Slovenia side I was told there are no tollway or highway. So I was quite happy about this. Initially it started ok much like the single lane D1 but what I did not know was that we’re building a massive highway on this road and I was trapped inside this semi finished highway and with no exit in sight. I was comforted though to know that I am around 18KM to Ptuj and so I pedaled on. 

After awhile I saw an exit and I estimated that Ptuj must be closed so I stopped and ask the construction worker where I should go to get to Ptuj. Luckily I did and he told me indeed that exit was the one to take. I was making great time and I estimate I would reach Ptuj around 3pm and will give me ample time to search for my host apartment. 

I really need to get a new iPhone when I get back. Battery died and refused to charge up. So I asked another cyclist if he knew the place and he said he did and was too complicated to explain and instead he asked me to follow him as he will show me the way. Once were on the correct street we began to look for the unit and suddenly a lady came up to me and said she was my host. It seems like she was on the way shopping when she spotted me and guessed I must be her guest. Wow again I am so blessed and lucky. 

So she showed me to her apartment and also her cute shack for me to park my bike. On my way into Ptuj, I noticed how charming and interesting town it must be so I decided to explore it tomorrow instead of rushing off. In any case I check my ride distance and it was 103KM ! I think in this case I deserve a rest. 

Lions Project : RM 280.40

Drago’s apartment in Zagreb
Lucky to bump into him. Turns out he is mapping thd cycling paths in Zagreb
Autumn colors too pretty not to take a picture
Slovenia beckons
Hello Slovenia
Ptuj looks interesting.
I love this type of buildings. happens to be where i will stay while in Ptuj
Luxury parking space for my bike
Nice and cosy

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