Balkans 2016 – Day 59 : Ptuj, Slovenia

Damjana, my host is a mother of 3 kids, 2 daughters and a son. One daughter is in Switzerland studying and the other 2 studying in Ptuj and lives with her. She has a very spacious home and had hosted many travellers both on Warmshowers and Couchsurfing. Damjana is a kindergarten teacher and teaches English. 

Since today is a school day all of them had to leave the house before 8am. I took my time to make myself coffee and some breakfast. I left at around 10am to have a look around town. The first visit will be the Ptuj castle. It’s a museums so well.  So I spent around 1 hour there before taking a walk around town to look at the interesting buildings and shops. It was great weather for walking around. Not too cold and too warm. Just nice. I believe the temperature during noon time was around 15C. 

I had a Burek for lunch and then went to the bank to check if I can exchange my leftover Croation money to Euros. I could and also for the Macedonian Denars. However they did not accept my leftover Albanian Leks. I hope I can change them in bigger cities. 

After that I had a cup of coffee at a local cafe bar before going back to the apartment. Damjana and the kids was home already and she was busy cooking lunch for them. 

After lunch we chatted awhile and had tea. Damjana and the kids usually have a late lunch only. For dinner it is usually something very light if any. So I had to adjust to that as well. 

Tomorrow I have another long ride to Graz, Austria and I will be leaving the Balkans with rich and fond memories. The weather is looking good as well. 

Lions Project : Same as Day 58

Autumn at Ptuj town center
The magestic town tower
Charming Ptuj
Alley ways leading to the top of the Ptuj castle
Mask for Carnival time
The castle center court
Intersting design on bike racks
Ptuj from across the river
Minorite Monastery
Ptuj town house
I stole a shot of the man in the alley way

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