Balkans 2016 – Day 60 : Ptuj, Croatia to Graz, Austria

Wow! Two months and almost 3,000 KM on the road already. On paper in looks like a long time and lots of distance but to me it seem to have gone by rather fast. Initially I thought doing a solo tour would give me a lot of free idle time. So I actually brought along my ukele so that I can entertain myself and also learn to play it better. Well I can tell you out of the 60 days I took out uke only once in Macedonia. Actually my days have been very full instead as I find myself either busy sightseeing, interacting with host, updating my blog and planning my next route. 

Today is the the day I say goodbye to the Balkans and start my Western Europe journey. I had a blast and wonderful time in the Balkans. I am hoping that Western Europe will offer the same. Probably in different ways. It will certainly be more expensive and more predictable. Let’s see. 

Damjana and kids need to leave the house at 730am and we planned that we all leave together. I was up already very early and had my breakfast and packed. After taking a selfie of all of us, I was on my way. This time I made sure my navigation app worked and it did. Soon I was on the right track to Austria.

I knew the ride will be at least 95KM and I plan to arrive around 3PM. So I plan to ride with minimal breaks. Probably one coffee break and lunch break in between. 

The day started with cloudy skies but no rain. Temperature was also not too extreme and I think was around 9 or 10 C. After awhile the skies turned more grey and dark clouds start to appear. I believe at some parts it drizzle a bit but nothing uncomfortable. 

As I approached the Austrian border the sun started to appear and right after passing into Austria it was blue skies and everything nice as if to welcome me in the most perfect way. That made me very happy and really pushed me on. So much so that I arrived at Graz around 2 pm which is 1 hour ahead of schedule. 

I had a little trouble finding my hosts apartment. At first I could not find the unit. I was on the right street. The unit number was 37 and on the street there was no 37 at all. There was 35 and then 39, 41 and 43. So I asked a passer by if he knew where 37 is which he say it should be the unit before 35 but it wasn’t. Finally said that 37 could be a unit actually behind 35 and I should go through the door of 35 to find it. True enough that was it. Problem solved. 

I met my host Tobias which is doing an apprentiship in Graz on designing prosthesis for limbs. Interesting stuff. Anyway I am lucky to have him host me in Graz as he actually just moved to Graz and first time hosting guest in this new apartment. He was living in Linz before. Anyway we discussed dinner plans and I suggested I cook a curry for us. We decided to go vegetarian as one of the apartment mate is a vegetarian. 

We had a nice time chatting over dinner and  some beers. I turned in early because I was tired after another long ride. Tobias and his housemate went out to party till late. Young people. 

Lions Project : RM 290.40

My host Damjana and her kids.
Drava River by Ptuj
Nice sunset to kick off my ride
Clouds are nof too bad
Bike storage and parking space at the MRT station
Austria welcomed me with blue skies and nice sun

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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