Balkans 2016 – Day 61 : Graz, Austria

The forecast was rain today but I was planning to chance it as it could be just intermittent.  As I woke up I heard raindrops falling on the window pane and I was thinking this is not going to be good. And it wasn’t. The skies looked completely dark and grey and it was raining quite heavily not torrential like in Malaysia but heavy enough to be not comfortable for cycling. I was hoping it would clear up after breakfast and it didn’t. Anyway Tobias said I could stay one more day if I wanted to. So I decided to do so because it will not be fun cycling in the rain and also I do not have a place to stay in the next destination and I dread looking for a suitable place while in the rain. 

I am glad I did as it actually rained the whole day. I did a bit of email and updating of my blog and later went out on a city tour. I first wanted to check out the castle on the hill and I took the cable car up. It was interesting ride up. The tram actually had to negotiate a very step section of an almost 61% incline. That’s incredible. Anyway it was wet, grey and slightly cold so I did not spend too much time at the top of the hill. 

After that I walked around the old town and visited the Christmas bazaar. Well even the Austrian has caught on with the early Christmas events. 

It continued to rain so I decided to return back to apartment and cook a late lunch and chill the rest of the night. Tomorrow the forecast looks good so I will definitely head out. Hopefully I can find a host in my next  place or else I might wild camp as so far there is no hostel or cheap place to stay that I can find on the web. Perhaps I can find something when I am there. 

Lions Project : Same as Day 60

Aiseh no ride today. Or should I say yahooo !
This tram that takes you the top of the castle hill can climb 61% incline
Best view of the city given the weather
Graz from the Castle hill
The bell tower at the Graz castle
Wet Christmas Bazaar
Mariahilfer Church
Inside the church ground
Interesting grafitti inside the church courtyard.
Kunsthaus Graz
Street in okd town Graz

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