Balkans 2016 – Day 64 : Sollenau to Vienna, Austria

The night before Marco suggested that I should take the Ragweg i.e. the bike path to Vienna instead of the planned B17 motorway. He said it’s more scenic and also safer as traffic will get more crazy as I approach Vienna. This makes sense. So I decided to follow his advice. After  breakfast Marco left for work and I left much later as I have a short ride to Vienna so not necessary to rush. I left Marco’s house at around 10am. The forecast for the day was great but it was actually greater. Lots of sunshine and warm. The route that Marco suggested was fantastic also. Very scenic and peaceful.

I had plenty of time to get to Vienna and the weather was good so I stopped many times to take pictures and also to rest. The radweg EV 9 to Vienna follows most of the way the canal. Once one the outskirts of Vienna it gets a little complicated. So I had to ask several cyclist on how to get to my host’s apartment in Vienna.

After awhile I finally managed to arrive at my host’s apartment in Danube Island. Hermi my host is a friend of my wife. She is also married to a Malaysian but now living in Vienna. She cooked and we had dinner and wine together and chit chatted a while before I turned in for the night.

Tomorrow I will explore Vienna and do a city walking tour.

Lions Project : RM 310.30

Yay dedicated bike path all the way to Vienna
Good Morning !
Canals most of the way

More canals
Fantastic day for riding
Wow !

Multi terrain bike path to Vienna
Hello Vienna
Healthy plants growing here.
A different kind of high
Cycling path under the bridge across the Danube
Blue Danube

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