Balkans 2016 – Day 69 : Linz to Wissenufer, Austria

Wissenufer is really a small town but it is where I can find a reasonably priced room for the night. There were several bigger and more well known towns between Linz. So I aimed for riding to Wissenufer today. 

Michaela my host kindly rode me out of Linz. In fact she accompanied me for at least 20KM via the backroads and through small villages instead of going directly to the Danube. That’s was so much fun. Thanks Michaela. 

After saying our goodbyes we went our separate way on the R1 Danube route. She heads back to Linz and me towards Passau. Today the weather is slightly better than yesterday. Still overcast and cloudy but there are some specks of blue and the sun seems to be peeking out.  In fact the sun eventually came out and I could see blue skies. Immediately it changed the landscape and the sceneries colors and hues. It is also interesting that the sun also lifted my spirits and I could feel energized and more happy. We take this for granted in Malaysia as we enjoy so much sunshine the whole year round. 

The route today was also more scenic as it passes by the narrow parts of the river. After a quaint town called Aschach, the bike path started going through the narrow parts and it was really very pretty and beautiful as you ride along the bottom of valley between the hills on both sides. However the sun was swallowed by the clouds around this area. A bit of a set back but it’s still very scenic. Eventually I came to a town call Scholgen it is at the point where the Danube almost turns back on itself because of how it meanders back and forth through the deep valley. Very fascinating indeed. 

As I approached Wissenufer and about 4KM away, it started to rain slightly and I was happy to know that I have made the decision to ride to Wissenufer. 

After checking into the guesthouse, I had a quick bite to eat from my packed food and checked out the town. It was drizzling and everything was closed. Well everything means one of everything. One restaurant, one mini market, one church , one police station and fire station and that’s it. So it was a quick walk. 

Tomorrow I will cross into Germany and say goodbye to Austria. 

Lions Project : RM 329.80 ( Target is RM 340.00)

Goodbye photo with Michaela.
Michaela showing me the country backroads to the Danube.
Hello sunshine !
Blue skies at last
Very quaint towns on both side of the Danube.
Transport barge that used to ply the danube transporting salt and other stuff.
4,500 years old ?
iPhone zoom at its best
Hey you Danube. I am here.
Castle on the hill over looking the Danube.
Totally desserted and closed campsite.
Passed by many folks fishing aling these parts
No chance of crossing over to the other side with this
The most beautiful section of the route
Hello Danube
I am here because …………
This is where the Danube almost turns back into itself.

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