Balkans 2016 – Day 70 : Wissenufer, Austria to Passau, Bavaria

Wow 70 Days already on the road. That was the original days I planned at first to complete my ride. Looks like I am nowhere near this. Later on it was revised to 80 days as my friend Jeff said it sounded nicer for the Lions Project Fund Raising campaign. I think even 80 days could be exceeded at the pace I am going. Anyway no big deal. After 80 days and at least 3,400 km cycled, I will consider mission accomplished and will decide then what happens next. Meanwhile just push on and enjoy the journey. 

I woke up this morning to a fantastic sun rise albeit cold temperatures of 2C. Never mind at least it’s sunny and blue skies. I can see the grass at the side of the road has one night frost so it must have dipped below 0C. Ouch. 

Anyway today will be a short easy ride to Passau which is in the Bavarian part of Germany. Yes I leave Austrian today and cross into yet another country. 

The ride today was not as spectacular like yesterday but with the sunshine and blue skies, it was enjoyable. It was a tad cold but you don’t really feel it when you are riding except for the face which is mostly exposed to the draft. 

There was absolutely no border crossing at all. So much so I didn’t even noticed that I was already in Germany. I only know it after noticing a signboard in a town called Obernzell. I think I already crossed into Germany at least 5 km before. 

I reached Passau at around lunch time. I am meeting my host at 4pm so I have some time to look around Passau old town. It’s a very interesting town with many old buildings and a massive cathedral in the middle of the town. There was the usual Christmas market in the middle of town. I decided to just wait out at a cafe nearby as its really too cold to walk around for two long. 

After meeting my host and settling in his apartment, we had coffee and chit chatted awhile. Tobias who works as a teacher in a special school for children with learning disabilities, likes Asian food. So I suggested I cooked for him and his girlfriend. We had a lovely evening together over dinner of Thai red curry chicken with leek and fresh paprika with Jasmine rice. Tobias made a improvised version of an Austrian dessert called Pofesen Powidl. It’s sweet but tastes great. We top it off with local Passau wheat beers. 

Tomorrow I will ride towards Straubing as last minute I managed to get a host there. It would be around 90KM ride at least and forecast for tomorrow will be #%{%}%<#\ cold at -2C till 1PM. ! 

Lions Project : RM 334.00

Good Morning Wissenufer. Doesn’t look promising.
And the sun breaks through
Yay blue skies
Buffet Breakfast included
Chose the best seat
Bring on the sun
Overnight frost
Ok now its blue Danube
Wonderful weather for cycling.
Totally desserted
Quaint villages along the way
Missed the boat? its working but only at 2pm
OK i am in Germany
Scenic Passau
Very windy across the bridge but photo opp is a must

Passau town center
The imposing St Stephen Cathedral
The information center is here
Yet another Christmas Market
Sunset in Passau. on the way to meet my host
Austrian dessert Pofesen Powild by Tobias

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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