Balkans 2016 – Day 74 : Inglostadt to Donauworth, Germany

As I wake up usually around 630am everyday, I saw that it was windy outside. Also the report is cloudy skies with chances of rain. The weather reports via Google has been incredibly accurate. So I was preparing my self for some rough and hard riding today. 

Just I was about to ride out it started to drizzle lightly. However it stopped after a few minutes so I pushed on. I planned to follow the Danube route today so I don’t have search for directions. Even that I was lost a couple of times. One was because I missed a detour sign due to some works on the Danuabe route. Luckily I found someone working there and he told me to go back and look for the detour sign. I found it but that detour brought me to some hard climbing over the hills and then to a mountain biking territory. In the end I was happy to be  out of the detour and on to the proper path. 

The headwinds were still there and at some point strong but nothing like the one I experienced in the Balkans. Thankfully. I was making great time so I slowed down a bit since I was also feeling a bit tired especially on the climbs. I arrived at Donnauworth at around 2pm and I tried to check in to the first guesthouse but they were fully booked. I asked the worker there if he could help me call the next one nearby and he did. I did manage to get a room there. I was prepared as I downloaded a few possible guesthouse in the area in case they add closed or fully booked. The one I managed to get  room costed 35euros with breakfast. Slightly off my budget  but it started raining again and getting dark so I was not keen to go look for a cheaper one which is 4KM away. 

So I checked in , went to the town to look see and bought some supplies for dinner. The town looked quaint and has very uniformed buildings. All with sharp and steep high roofs. The uniformity makes it very interesting. 

Tomorrow another big ride ahead to Ulm. I have a host there and the sun is out tomorrow so I am not too concern about the distance. 

Total distance : 3,644 KM

Many of the Danube route sections are like this. its nice and quite but a little boring.
I waited a while to see a passing train
Luckily with my limited German i noticed this and it says that I should push down to open.
The Danube route also passes many open fields like this.
A castle middle of nowhere
I was detoured here due to some works on the bike path. A little scary
Nice creek
Guesthouse fior the night.

Author: krankster

I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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