Balkans 2016 – Day 76 : Ulm to Mengen, Germany

Weather forecast today supposed to be partially Sunny. I did not see the sun at all the whole day. When I started off from Ulm it was cold at around -3C.  Luckily there was hardly any wind so it was not a problem. Today I decided not to follow the Danube route as I want to get to Mengen quicker. I am putting up the night at Mengen just because it’s about halfway to Singen. It is also a place where I managed to get a reasonably priced guesthouse. Why to Singen. Well lucky for me a mountain biking friend from PCC Ingo who is now based in Dubai offered me a place at his parents house to stay. Thanks Ingo. 

The ride today was somewhat stressful. First I accidentally cancelled the route on google maps and as I was offline and I could not redo without getting wifi or switching on data roaming. So I stopped a cyclist to ask for direction and he gave me some indication only. After awhile I was lost again so I had no choice but to sign on data roaming for a short while to recreate the route. Hopefully the charges would not be too high. With the route recreated I was doing great and was on track. 

There was really nothing interesting along the way much the same as the previous day’s. For me the ride is mainly to get to the finishing line. If there is something interesting it would be a bonus. 

About 10KM to Mengen, I was stumped as I hit a section of road that is only for motorized vehicles. So I spent some time looking for another way to get to Mengen. Lucky for me there was a jogger on the other side of the road and I cycled over to ask him for help. He was a very helpful guy but it was really difficult communication as he is Russian and speaks German with a heavy accent and so it was hard for me to understand with my already limited German vocabulary. But with a combination of chatter and sign language I managed to get some idea where to go. 

In the end I managed to get to Mengen safely and now comfortable and warm. Tomorrow I ride to Singen and the day after I am likely to cross into Switzerland.  I am likely to arrive Basel ,end my Balkan tour and be reunited with my family this Wednesday.  Hurrah! I am really looking forward to this. Two more sleeps to ” home”. 

Total Distance : 3,812 KM

Grey and foggy
I wonder what this machine does ? any guesses ?
The Russian jogger who helped me find my way

Author: krankster

I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

One thought on “Balkans 2016 – Day 76 : Ulm to Mengen, Germany”

  1. The machine is used to turn hay. They cut it and let it on the fields to dry. The machine will turn it to dry it uniformly

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