Balkans 2016 – Day 77 : Mengen to Singen, Germany

A mountain biking friend of mine and also member of PCC while he was in Malaysia contacted me some week back and offered that I could stay with his parents place in Singen. He was following my journey via this blog. It was perfect as I planned to pass by Singen on the way to Basel. Ingo is now based in Dubai but does come back to Malaysia every year for Chinese New Year. I hope to catch up with him the coming Chinese New Year. 

I left Mengen slightly later at around 9 am since I have a accommodation sorted for the day. The weather was the same as yesterday but foggier. It also seemed colder. 

The ride was much the same as yesterday, passing small towns, sometimes on farm roads, sometimes on nice bike path along the main road and sometimes on rural roads sharing with cars. However some stretch was void of any cars for long periods so it was great. It was also very foggy at some stretch. The weird thing is that the temperature seems to be toggling from cold to less cold and then back to cold.  Of course there were a few times I got off track but managed to get back without too much difficulty this time. 

The sun came up just about when I arrived Singen. It also warmed up significantly and that’s a shame. It would have be great when I was riding. Oh well at least I arrived and was welcomed warmly by Ingo’s parents, Heidi and Winfried. I was immediately shown to my own room and also was offered a wonderful meal of German noodles and meat goulash. Yummy. 

After I rested awhile I was invited for a light dinner. I have been informed that the neighbour was a keen cyclist and he would like to meet me to have a chat. So Heidi brought me over to meet with Gunther. We talked shop for about a hour. 

I was getting tired and I said my good nights and call it the day. Tomorrow I will ride to Waldshut by the Rhine. I should be crossing Switzerland and Germany back and forth. 

Total Distance : 3,885 KM

The day started a little foggy and cold
Taking a break and a photo opp
Pond already frozen.
More and more foggy.
Starting to clear up
The 2 boys on the bike showing me the way to Singen as the sun started to come up.
Safely arrived at Ingo’s parents house in Singen
Got a room for myself
What a lovely homely house

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