Balkans 2016 – Day 79: The finale. Waldshut, Germany to Basel, Switzerland

Wow, the day has come that it will be my final day of riding on this Balkan tour. It felt strangely normal. May be it’s because I have not come to terms with the end of an incredible journey.

The ride to Basel should not be too challenging as I plan to follow the cycle path all the way to Basel. The day started as usual foggy however it lifted earlier today.

The cycle path signs are well placed and organized in Siwtzerland compared to Germany. Today I did not get lost even once. So I made great time in reaching Basel.  Took me a while to find my way to my parents in laws house but I found it eventually.

It still feels unreal that I have completed the tour. I guess it might take a day or two to sink in. Meanwhile I hope you have enjoyed following me on this journey via this blog. Thank you for for following me and giving me the support and encouragement. To all the great people who hosted me during my journey I sincerely thank you all.

Days on tour : 79

Distance covered : 4,030 KM

Countries : 12

Eager to get started for my final ride towards Basel.
I think this is a nuclear reactor
Another mighty river for company. The River Rhine.
Some off road sections right next to the train tracks
Many sections on the main roads have bike lanes like this
I am not sure what the structure is.
Total distance at end of the ride

Author: krankster

I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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