Balkans 2016 – Day 72 : Steinach to Regensburg, Germany

The weather is forecasted to be more or less the same as yesterday. The mornings are super cold at -4C and it gets warmer at around 0C later part of the day. I will have a late start today as its only 45 KM or so to Regensburg. My host there will not be home before 630pm so no point rushing. Had a leisure breakfast with Peter and Claudia before packing and getting to leave. I think it was around 1030am when I pushed off from Peter’s house. 

Finding the Danube bike path was a bit of challenge from Peter’s place. I was using Google maps and selecting bike route to navigate offline. It was fine at the beginning but then if navigated me to off road and rough sections which kind of slows you down. So I went off the route and found alternative route to the Danube path. Eventually I found it and and making great progress towards Regensburg. 

Several folks advice me to stop just outside Regensburg and visit a place call Wahalla. It’s an incredible Roman like building build by King Ludwig.  

According to Wikipedia. 

The Walhalla is a hall of fame that honors laudable and distinguished people in German history – “politicians, sovereigns, scientists and artists of the German tongue”;[1] thus the celebrities honored are drawn from a wider area than today’s Germany. The hall is a neo-classical building above the Danube River, east of Regensburg in Bavaria.The Walhalla is named for the Valhalla of Norse mythology. It was conceived in 1807 by Crown Prince Ludwig in order to support the then-gathering momentum for the unification of the many German states. Following his accession to the throne of Bavaria, construction took place between 1830 and 1842 under the supervision of the architect Leo von Klenze. 

You can go here for more information

I walked up all the way to have a fantastic view of the Danube and to have a closer look at the building. It was worth the walk and the building was magnificent. After that I had a bite to eat before pushing on to Regensburg. 

Since I had some time to kill , I went to Ronda Ronda around the old town of Regensburg and ended up warming up with free tea and free internet at the Tourist Information counter. Actually I should do this the next time when I need some place to chill out. 

After that I decided to go to a cafe to have a drink and wait for my host to comeback. 

Finding Alexander’s apartment was very easy as it is near the Danube and city center. Alexander is a cycling tourer as well and have done the Balkans and also the Danube trail. He works in a company that builds wind farms. 

We had a simple dinner and chatted for awhile before we turn in. Tomorrow I ride to Inglostadt and its going to be another long ride. Weather is suppose to be milder but cloudy. Let’s see. 

Forsty morning start. Its sunny though but cold
Wahalla Temple
Fantastic vista at the top of Wahalla
What an amazing building
Spectacular views.
More scenery from the top
These steps are steep
Old town Regensburg
Gothic Cathedral in Regensburg

Balkans 2016 – Day 71 : Passau to Steinach, Germany

Okay it seems like it’s going to be -4C when I start out. Tobias had to go to work so left the apartment keys with me as I was leaving only around 8am. The sun was up when I started to push off. There was frost though but thankfully the road are not affected. I headed towards the Danube route but was deciding which bank I wanted to stay on. It’s a bit tricky as sometimes there are bike path on both sides and sometimes only one side. 
I decided to stay on the South bank and only cross over to the North bank much later. The route today was boring and ordinary. At some point the bike path disappeared I had no choice but to go on the busy road for at least 15km. 

Finally I was able to cross over to the other side and got on the proper bike path. I did not take many pictures today a it was cold and also it was a longer ride and I wanted to get to the destination early. Today is the day that I will hit my target of 3,400KM cycled. In fact I hit if around 20KM before Steinach. 

My host home is somewhere out in a village somewhere. I had to ask for some directions on the best way to get there. Eventually I found it. It’s is a quaint village on a hill and he has a nice big house with a lot of land. 

I was given a private comfortable room at the basement. Peter my host and his wife Claudia has 3 young children staying with them and 2 cats. Peter is a fireman in Munich and Claudia works in bank. Before dinner we play a game like Lido with the kids. Dinner with whole family was great fun and we chatted a lot. Finally we capped of the night with me helping them wrap gifts for something called the advent calendar. There will be 24 gift wrapped one for each day in December and the kids are able to open one gift a day. I am not sure if this was a German only custom as I have never heard of it before. In any case I had a blast helping out. 

Tomorrow I will ride to Regensburg which is around 45KM away. I am happy

Lions Project : RM340.00 Plus ( Target Achieved )

Guilty as charged. Tobias dog that ate my chocolate bar.
Fantastic sun but very cold at -4C
Yay another day of blue skies. Cold though.
OK 3,400KM ! Target achieved for Lions Fund raising project fof children homes.
Autumn colors
This is mostly the view of todays ride
My host ‘s house in Steinbach
I get my own private room
Fantastic chill out place.