Day 4 Shin Sapporo to Hobetsu Campsite, Mukawa

First day of cycling. Happy to be on the Saddle. Had a quick breakfast with the Host. I was asking my host where I could get white gas for my stove.  I wanted to try it as I have been using unleaded petrol and it has been very sooty and dirty. I hear white gas is cleaner.  Ken said he would bring me to buy some and at the same time lead me out to my path. How nice of him.  After getting the white gas I was on my way. The bike path was a short 8 km but it is we very nice as if passes through mostly wooded areas. After that the road was a mix of farm roads and also interstate road. The farm roads were a bit annoying as the gravel pebbles were quite loosely packed. The weather was gloomy as well and it drizzled here and there the whole day. The last 15 km to the campsite was tough as it makes you climb at least 8km before defending for another 6km all the way to the campsite. The campsite itself is beautiful but you have to pay 510yen to camp and use th facilities.  I think it’s ok. So I set up camp and had a quick dinner before packing in. Looking forward for tomorrow.  Not sure where I will be stopping. Still researching. 

Day 3 РShinsapporo 

Today the plan is to set up my bike and also spend some time looking around the area.  Another tourer from Hong Kong is also staying with my host family. Ming is planning to cycle the whole of Japan starting from Sapporo. He is awaiting his friend to join him in around 3 weeks. 

We planned to cycle to a nearby historical town for a look see and later to downtown to have lunch and a bit of shopping for groceries. 

We first visited the historical village of Hokkaido which sits on a 54 hectares of Nopporo Forest Park. There are around 60 structures and old building to see. Entrance fee is 700 Yen which is RM27.  Very interesting to see the different Japanese types of architectures and in different eras. We headed to town after this for lunch at a downtown food courts that was nothing special and yet slightly expensive. We headed back to my host’s home to adjust my bike and final set up for the ride tomorrow. 

Mrs Ikeda our host’s wife cooked us a storm for dinner and it was so delicious. After dinner the whole family played UNO together and after that we chatted for awhile before I call it the night and went to my room to pack my panniers. Tomorrow’s weather is forecasted to be so so. With potential rain around 2pm. Let’s see. 

Kenichi’s home
Sake galore
100th year anniversary Tower
Aiyoh parking full
Yummy dinner by Kasumi
Ming, tourer from Hong Kong

Day 2 – Taipei to Sapporo

Finally arrived at Sapporo today after spending a night and crashing out at Taipei Airport. It was an interesting experience finding a place to sleep. Finally found a nice spot at a Sony center and slept on the bench. Was rudely awaken when all the Sony TVs on displayed turned on. Anyway its already 530am and it’s time to wake up as the morning travellers were already swarming the place. 

Tried to find the cheapest place for coffee and finally found it at Burger King. Starbucks cost around RM20 and the Burger King one costed RM 7. Guess which one I took. 

Found it. My choice for sleeping tonight.
Beautiful and green Hokkaido
Wow that was fast. First fellow cyclist I bumped into even before I step out of the airport.
It’s an almost 4 hour flight to Sapporo. Watch the Warriors and had a couple of wine and suddenly the plane was readying for arrival. Cleaning immigration and custom was a breeze and now I am chilling until 6pm to catch a train to meet my host who will be picking me up. 

Even before leaving the airport compound I bumped into my first fellow cyclist. Panda is from Taiwan but working in Shanghai. As roadie and his friends will join him to ride towards the South. Who knows we may bump into each other again on the road. 

I am take a day tomorrow to check out the city and will probably hit the road the following day. 

Day One – KLIA to Taipei, Taiwan

The day has arrived! Yahoo! on the way to Sapporo but need to transit in Taipei. What to do, cheap flight lah. Anyway box all checked in and now lounging at Plaza Premium before taking off. 

Box and bag ready to get on a ride to the airport.
Here with my cyclist friend Zack who is sending me to the airport in his new Avanza.
Check in was a breeze. Very short lines. I am happy.
All good and ready to go