Day Four The Longest Day. Tuk Tuk to Tanjung Balai

Our wonderful short tour is coming to an end. What a lovely place Samosir Island. Although an island in a lake it has really a great island vibe to it and would be a great place to spend a couple of weeks to explore it. Well maybe next time we do a round island trip. I really enjoyed the laid back and village feel of the place.

Today our plan was to ride 141KM to Tanjung Balai starting from a ferry ride from Tuk Tuk back to the mainland. Looking at the profile and the distance the night before with the ride leaders, it became clear to us that it would be a crazy plan. The first 20 plus KM would be a uphill ride on a very busy road. Thankfully we decided in the end to hire a lorry and some MPV to bus us to the point where we turn off to a village road. That would save us from the heavy traffic and the climb as well. No matter the ride would be still almost 120KM.

The ride back to Tanjung Balai itself was rather unimpressive and at times boring. Road conditions was bad at some parts and heavy traffic also was common. As you imagine we took very little photos as we where focused on getting to Tanjung Balai.

The weather was the hottest of the trip too. We finally arrived Tanjung Balai around 6pm and was let by our host to our abode passing through some really incredible traffic full of motorbikes and rickshaws. Finally we arrived at 630pm and got our rooms and settled in. Tonight everybody was bonked and decided to order in and did not even bother to go for beers. That was really a first for this group.

Early start for a long multi mode journey today. 
Bikes loaded and we are off.
All system go ! 
Managed to catch this shot of a boat man against the morning sun
One of the many rest stops to hid from the heat.
Ahhh Another Warong stop 
Its Sunday, so everyone is dressed to their best including children,
A Pentecostal Church. Looks like out of a Western movie minus the coconut tree of course.
Another water stop
Narrow roads most of the way !
 We have arrived at the Pesthouse at Tangjung Balai
Dinner time. All too hungry to look at the camera.

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