Mini Tour of Scotland – Day 3, Scotland is testing me ,Glasgow to Isle of Arran

The game plan is to see a few of the Hebrides Island and head as Northwards as possible. First Island on the list will be Arran. The closest Island to Glasgow. You will need to take the train at Glasgow Station to Androssan Harbour to board the ferry to Arran.

The morning started great with a tiny wee bit of sun. I said my goodbye to Adrian. The ride to Glasgow station was short. After getting the train ticket I was informed that the 1018am train was cancelled. Aiseh, Scotland also like Malaysia. Suka Suka cancel. Anyway the next one is 1118am so with some time to spare and hang around, I parked my bike at the entrance of a nice cafe at the station and went in to chill for awhile until time.

When the time came to head to the platform for my train, I went to get my bike and to my shock it was gone! First thing that came to my mind was it was stolen. Damn, I was staring at a disaster in the face. And it appears that my tour is over. I quickly head towards a police and told him that my bike was stolen. He calmly replied that it is likely to have been removed by train station staff for security reason. Wow, I hope that is the case. He did mention that he is sure that it’s been taken away by the train staff. I was hopeful and felt better but still anxious. The police took me up to see the train station master and told him I was looking for my bike and it’s likely taken by them. After 10 mins the staff came and took me to the store where I saw my bike ! Yay! Ride continues. Anyway they told me I was not allowed to park my bike inside the station for security reason and that is why they ‘towed’ it away.

After all the drama, I was finally in the train heading towards Adrossan Harbour. Once at the Harbour I went to buy the ferry ticket and was directly to a waiting area where there were already 6 biker waiting to board the ferry. Bikes board first. After parking our bikes we went up to the passenger deck. The ferry is huge but only because it’s carrying cars and lorries. The passenger deck is nice but only one floor. The ferry ride was about 1 hour and as soon as we arrive it started to pour. Welcome to Scotland.

Undeterred I decide to ride and headed for my camping site south west of the island. The whole day was rather grey and wet but there were some marvellous sceneries no matter. Anyway the campsite was nice and costed £9. The site is clean, there was free wifi and charging station and hot showers. Tomorrow will be heading North west and then swing back east through the Central Valley.

Glasglow Station
Train cancelled
Bike comfy inside the train

The mighty ferry to Arran
Bikes first

Nice lobby on passenger deck

Kelp washed ashore all along the beaches.

Stormy but stunning.

Author: krankster

I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

4 thoughts on “Mini Tour of Scotland – Day 3, Scotland is testing me ,Glasgow to Isle of Arran”

    1. Thanks Adrian. Yes I am all fine. It was very strong wind but me and my tent survived. I was delayed because of ferry disruptions but that’s OK. Now on the way to Islay

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