Mini Tour of Scotland – Day 4 Kildonan to Lochranza, Arran, There’s beauty in bad weather.

Having enough of the Arran coast, I decided to take longer route to Lochranza via the Central Valley. Weather wise it started raining as I pushed off from Sea Shore Campsite in Kildonan. Oh well just a typical Scottish day. Being properly drenched I took refuge at the Arran Creamery but unfortunately it was closed. So I just dried off on their balcony before moving on. The sky cleared up a bit but still cloudy and grey. However the scenery became more and more spectacular. The route is hilly but it’s up and down and the rewards are worth the climb.

I left the coastal roads after Blackwaterfoot. A small coastal town. From then onwards the roads were constantly sandwiched between massive hills , meandering and snaking its way around them. The views were spectacular and so was the climbs. The winds started to pick up on the climb up the last hilltop just before Lochranza. But the downhill was exhilarating. Finally reach the c,ampsite at around 430 and checked in and the owner said if I had a good tent. I asked why and he told me that it’s going to be gusty tonight, winds of over 60kmh. He added that tomorrow there will be gale winds of almost 90kmh! And ferrries are likely to be cancelled. He says I can try the first ferry as it forecasted to be high winds only after 10 am.

I wondered what is the maximum wind force can a MSR tent face. Well I will know tonight. I am prepared for the worst tomorrow and likely will be trapped in Aran for one more night. Maybe not so bad since the Arran Distillery is just next door.

Tonight I got wild stags for company. First they checked out my tent and then later at night there were plenty of grunting or was it snoring?

Wild rabbits welcome you in the morning.
There is so much kelp washed ashore. Is this normal ?
Beach flowers

My campsite to shelter from the wind

Closed. But a good place to dry off


Beautiful roads ahead
Massive amount of water. Wonder why it’s brownish.

Yippee. It’s downhill all the way to Broderick !

Baby Seal basking

Long climb awaits.

Awesome country side
A dram is calling.

Checking out my tent.

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