Mini Tour of Scotland – Day 13 ,Arisaig to Maliag Decisions, decisions, decisions.

It has been wet the past few days and my clothes are all damp and not really smelling great. The day was suppose to be rainy till 10am. I have a choice of making a dash of 13km to Malliag to catch a ferry to Syke and ride as far as I can and camp again or stay the night at Malliag in a nice BnB or Hostel.

In the morning, the wind was still brutal and it was bashing my tent violently. This lasted till 9am. Somewhere between 8am and 9am I decided to stay for the day T Malliag.

Started to decamp after the wind and rain died down. As I start my ride to Malliag, the weather cleared up and the sun begin to creep out from the cloudy sky. Some patches of blue give hopes that it will be a great day to be outside.

On reaching Malliag, I started to look around for a place to stay and saw a really quaint and centrally located bistro that offered accommodation. I asked about the price and it was reasonable so I went for it. The stay was hostel style but they have only 2 rooms and only for 10 pax. It’s not cheap at £21 but I get to share the room with one other person only and they have a huge well equipped kitchen, a very comfortable living room and big bathroom.

First thing was to dry my clothes. Just a place to hang near the heating was sufficient to dry all of them. Happy days ahead.

After that did a big of shopping for dinner and walk around town. The sun was already up and skies are blue so I decided to take a hike around the hills nearby. It was a short but spectacular hike.

I really enjoyed the day at Malliag and winded down the day with a few dram of my Jura single malt and finally crashed into a dry, comfy and cozy bed. Goodnight.

The famous Malliag to Fort William historical steam train ride passes over this

Quaint Malliag. Used to be an important fishing port

My stay for the night
Skies are blue so let’s get outdoors.
Lots of wild flowers blooming. Late bloomers?
The short hike starts with this view. Wow!

The views are getting spectacular by the minute.

Can we say Wow! Again
This was at the peak of the hike.
More autumn colours.
This sums up my experience of Scotland so far

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