Mini Tour of Scotland – Day 0 Biding farewell to the Conference and saying hello to Happiness.

Hello happiness. Thank you for a great week of learning and networking. Today was the last day of the Social Enterprise World Conference in Edinburgh. The baton is now passed to Adis Ababa Ethiopia. Wow. Exciting. I hope to attend this one as well 2019. Let’s see. Scheming now.

Just finish packing and I am all set to bike. First stop Glasgow. It will be a late start for me as I will need to run some errands before heading off. I have a host in Glasgow but he can only host me on Sunday. I might just cycle a slower and reach Glasgow on Sunday instead. Glasgow is doable in one day but maybe I just take it slow and do it in two. Well let’s see.

Conference all done and dusted.

Mini Tour of Scotland – Day – 4, The Big Hunt

Normally I would have brought my trusted bike for such tours. As you might know me going normal is not normal for me. And so I had a plan of either renting a bike or buying one second hand. There are many bike shops renting and selling used bikes in Edinburgh. Having a couple of days break before the start of conference gave me the opportunity to do the Hunt.

After 5 bike shops later I decided on buying a bike instead of renting. The Hunting also gave me the opportunity to experience public transport in Edinburgh and a wonderful way to explore and discover what she has to offer. Standard bus and tram fare is £1.70 per trip but you can buy a day ticket for only £4 and if will give you unlimited ride on buses and trams. That’s a great deal if you going to bus or tram around the whole day. One more thing, if you ever visit Scotland or U.K. and need a prepaid SIM card, get the Lebara one. For £15 you get 5GB of data for 30 days, unlimited calls whole of UK and unlimited calls to 44 countries including Malaysia. Wow that’s a fantastic deal. So far coverage is ok around Edinburgh but the big test would be when I head out to the country side.

Back to the biking. I took the bike out for a 40km spin the next day and it was a great day out as well. The weather was perfect and the sun was mostly out. I picked the route from Komoot with no expectation whatsoever. The start of the ride was along a nice canal and later on the way to the hills was not so great as it was mostly on busy country roads. However once I hit the hills, it became more interesting and challenging at the same time. And the view? Spectacular! I was rewarded with open fields and spectacular streams and rough country roads. Passed by at least 3 reservoirs and many many sheeps. I guess this would be a prelude to what my tour will be like. Can’t wait.

On the way home I stopped by a local pub for a light snack and beer. A pint of beer is usually around £3 or so. Not the cheapest but hey I am on holiday ain’t I ?

Back to “work” tomorrow. Will be posting another post when I start my ride out on 15 September. So stay tuned.

For route details check this

First bike shop that I visited. All second hand bikes are sold out due to the start of the University term. The students sapu all.
Second bike shop. Same situation
No bikes for sale here. Just for rent.
This is the shop. Bought the bike here. Not cheap but it’s a great find as the bike is robust enough for my short tour.
I am ready to hit the paths roads and trails.

The path starts next to a canal
Open fields after some town riding. Happy to see the greens

My favourite section of the ride starts. Off road ! Many gates are found along the way. Mostly to keep the livestock in.

One of the 3 reservoirs I passed.

Memories of Albania.

Some of the dedicated bike path were former rail road
Reward for a hard day of riding.