Mini Tour of Scotland – Day 16 , Invermoriston to Inverness, Last chance to spot Nessie.

What a great night of camping. Windless and calm. A few drops on my tent not from the rain but rather the moisture from the tree above. The morning started somewhat gloomy but things cleared up pretty fast. I decamp and started on my way to Inverness.

Wow my last riding day today. Already ? Since I have time. I wanted to explore the Great Glen Way but again on checking it out it was not suitable for my load so I decided to keep on the A82 along the Loch Ness.

Overall the ride was pleasant and the weather was good. If did rain a bit but did not last too soon.

Decide to stop at a small village called Drumnadrochit for a hearty breakfast.

Continued along the Loch Ness and had the opportunity to just get down to the lake and touch the famous lake water.

I arrived in The Youth Hostel at Inverness in good time and had to wait awhile before I could check in.

Tomorrow I will be meeting David Bryan who is a tutor for SEA and we will spend sometime out to check out the Social Enterprises in Inverness.

My burner breathing it’s last breath. Just as well my tour ends today.
One more last look at my enchanting wild campsite

Sun is bursting out. That’s great !
Very scenic along the Loch Ness.
Urquhart Castle

Decided to splurge on my breakfast.
Nice place to chill for breakfast.

I am at the beach of Loch Ness
Summoning Loch Ness Monster.
Iron Cow
Canal route to Inverness.

Inverness castle

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