Mini Tour of Scotland – Day 1, And so it begins.

Bag pipers playing in the background and the whole of Edinburgh was up in the morning cheering me on. The momentous journey I am to embark is the talk of the town. No la. Where got. Dream on. My cheer team was actually the incredibly kind, generous and talented show runners of Neoone Associates and Social Enterprise Academy Malaysia. For the past 12 days I was hosted by the family of Juara and Yasmin. I thank them for their friendship and kindness. I got to know them better through this experience and I am grateful for this as our business relationship together now is s mo much more meaningful and rewarding. A real dream send off.

The weather forecasted to be great and it was. Some cloudy moments but in general the weather was perfect for cycling. Temperatures were around 15C average. My plan was to get close to Glasgow and find somewhere to camp. So really no plan but just a general direction. I followed the Union Canal most of the way. The canal was built in the 1800s and reopened in early 2000s. It was constructed to bring coal and minerals from the mine to Edinburgh. Along the way I passed by several aqua ducts which you will have to dismount and walk across. Also several locks that brings boats up and down with the Falkirk Wheel being the biggest and most impressive lock. It’s actually a massive boat lift that rotates and lift a boat up almost 25m to the Union Canal from Clyde Canal below. The Wheel is a sight to behold. It’s like a massive ferries wheel but only with 2 massive car filled with water and a boat. It’s truly an impressive engineering feat and I believe only kind in the world. No wonder there were many tourist there to watch the wonder at work.

I did not stay too long as it was getting late and also I am told it might rain in the evening. So I needed to find a suitable wild camping spot before it pours.

I found a Tesco Express in Bonnybridge to stock up for dinner. A quick dash and £3 later I scored 2 litres of water, a packet of assorted meats, small bottle of cooking oil and a nice bottle of beer.

Finding a suitable camping spot was harder that I thought. There were not many flat areas as most of them were already farmland. But finally I found one. Not ideal but if will do. The spot was full of thorny plants and bushes which I had to clear. I managed to set up my tent and cooked my dinner before it began to drizzle. Thankfully I managed to finish cooking and eating dinner before it started to rain lightly. So I just snuggle up inside my tent and drink my beer and just chilled till I dozed off. Shower? Well no sweat so no smell no shower la. Maybe tomorrow.

For details on this ride check out

All set to go. Yay!
Goodbye and thank you to Yasmin., Juara and Family. Thanks for sending me off.
All packed

One of the many aqua duct crossing. Bikers must dismount and push across.

Autumn is near
Canal and tunnel

The Falkirk Wheel
Bike canoe. Is this now the thing ?
The awesome Falkirk Wheel in action.
My wild Camping spot for the night. It was indeed wild.
Ok dinner is on the way.

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