Balkans 2016 – Day 3 : Istanbul to Örcünlü, Turkey

Woke up this morning at 445 am and feeling my bike staring at me asking me to set him up. Tossed and turned and few more times and woke up just in time when the morning prayers started. To me it signaled time to set up bike. Was happy that the bike was intact and all parts seems to be working. Next working on packing the panniers and rack bag. With that in the bag pun intended, went for my favorite soup shop for breakfast and came back just as Mustafa arrives. Mustafa my host does not stay at the apartment he is hosting me in and instead he stays with his mom a few blocks away. 

Had a bit of a chit chat with Mustafa before saying our good byes and finally setting out.

I decided to try out a new route instead and headed north on the old Erdine road towards road D020. It was a good choice. Traffic was bearable and on faster roads there was wide shoulders.  

However the day was over cast and rainy. It rain pretty much the whole day. It is as if Mr Cloud and Mrs Rain playing peekaboo just to irritate Mr Sunshine. the rain although mostly light came in waves making wearing the right clothing difficult as you’d feel sometimes too cold and sometimes too hot. 

In anycase I am happy to be on the way and inch myself towards Basel. Yehaaaaa !

Lions Project : RM 5.53 

My usual soup place. This time i am not sure what soup it is. Doesnt matter. tasted great
They serve other goodies as well.
Mustafa sending me off. Thanks for the hospitality.
Final pose before pushing off. Its already been raining lightly
City of Arnavutköy. First stop for superb grilled chicken Only 12 Liras for the whole bird.
Yummy. i fiinish the half and the rest keep for others.
Turkish yoghurt drink.
Part of the D020 road Nice rolling and wide shoulders. Traffic is also not high. you will pass by several forrested areas.
Found a nice paid campsite near the village of Örcünlü At frst they offerred me a nice chalet with fireplace for 100 TL but finally I settled for dinner and camping for 35TL.
Turkish Raki Made of Grapes,raisins and Aniseed distilled then water and sugar is added last. 45% proof. This will keep me warm on cold days but a tad sweet for my taste.
Dinner deal. Grilled lamb cutlets , turkish cofee and camping for 35 Lira.
Handy and cheap thermometer says its close to 16 C and droping Preparing fo a cool night of camping.
Welcome to my chill out camping pad
Look at the stars see how they shine for you.
There you go Darth is all soiled from todays wet ride but ready to take on Day 4

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I am an avid cyclist that loves mountain biking, bike commuting and most of all bicycle touring. I am a freelance leadership coach and hope to inspire others through my cycling adventures.

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