Balkans 2016 – Day 4 : Örcünlü to Saray, Turkey

A complete contrast to yesterday. From the sunrise it looks certain it will be a bright and sunny day. After having a couple of Turkish coffees, some peanuts and a peach for breakfast, I was ready to start packing. The plan was to finish packing and be ready to ride out at 9am. Turns out packing was not all easy and took longer that I thought.  I was all packed and ready to roll by 930 am.  

The initial part of the road comes with large emergency lanes. The second part the roads are not as good and shoulder almost non existent. Thankfully as I edged further and further away from Istanbul, traffic became much  lesser. 

The road condition was also quite good until around 30km to Saray when the Tarmac was quite broken up making it a very rough ride. Combined with the relentless dragon backs up until the last 3 km the ride was one of the more challenging 68KM ride. Maybe because I have a hauling a 40 kilo bike or maybe I did not have enough food. I ran out of Turkish Lira and was trying to get more from ATM along the way. Turns out none to be found in smaller towns. Luckily I had plenty of water and peanuts to sustain me until Saray. Well a passerby in a car did stop to ask if I needed water food or money. I should have said yes. But I say no because I did have Euros and peanuts and water. What a kind gesture anyway. 

I was elated to finally come out of the dragon backs and into the flat. And with Saray city in sight I was energize immediately and push hard to reach my end point of the day. 

All the time I was eyeing potential place to camp or to ask for permission go camp but I saw nothing really works for me. 

Saray looks like a busy town but it’s so dusty and chaotic. I went to the first bank I saw and notice that their ATM did not have any PLUS or Cirrus signs so maybe cannot use. Oh Oh. Panic No Money. That’s my primitive brain speaking. Anyway I went inside the bank to ask to exchange my Euros instead. I was give a number by a security guard and waited my turn. Turns out that the system allow them to only change money with locals as a local passport is needed. Very weird. No matter after a few Turkish chatter here and there, the lady type something on my google translator which said Jeweller. Huh ? Yes they saw the jewelry shop will change for me. So the security guard escorted me to the jewellery shop and got me the exchange. I was thankful. Actually as I ventured further there was plenty of ATM with PLUS and Cirrus. 

Now that is sorted my next task is to look for a place to stay. I really didn’t want to camp or ride around anymore to ask people if I could camp at their place so decided to ask the town folks where is the cheapest hotel. I was always hoping when asking where to stay someone would offer to host me. But no such luck but another luck appeared as I found a nice little hotel for a fair deal of 35Liras. It had twin beds shower tv and free internet access. So I grabbed it and was happy. 

I am not fully set up to have a shower , dinner and some rest to prepare for my ride tomorrow. Till then goodnight. 

Lions Project : RM 12.45

A wonderdul day ahead from the looks of it.
Thanks for a great camping experience. The journey continues.
First part looks like a highway but with wide shoulders its very safe. Although the branch out where a tad dangerous but thankfully not many.
Great country roads ahead and this is where the dragon backs starts.
Time for a break
Yeehaaaa but on the other side another climb I will eventually pass 3 of such
Another rest and peanut break.
Saray city busy dusty and chaotic.
Dinner starter. Cant resist the wonderful fresh out of the oven bread. served with goat cheese , butter and a spicy dip.

Main dish of grilled lamb kofta. Fantastic flavors.
The friendly folks at Sanluifra Iskender restaurant. They even gave me a 4Lira discount of the meal and free chai.
My home for the night.
Very acceptable room. Now time for rest.

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