Balkans 2016 – Day 5 : Saray to Kirklareli

Another fantastic day of sunshine and warm weather. Perfect for riding. After packing my stuff I headed for a Turkish breakfast ie soup and bread. Nice warm up before heading out. 

Borh Warmshowers host at Vize and Kirklareli did not reply so I guess I have to find my own accommodation. Maybe wild camping. Anyway headed towards Vize for a coffee break. 

Had a wonderful encounter at the coffee place first with a customer who told me was a butcher via goggle translate and then bought me a cup of coffee. After he left order a Turkish coffee and the owner of the shop offered me FOC. What a great stop. 

Head off to direction of Kirklareli and had a lunch stop at Pinarhisar. Took a break from standard Turkish fare and had a burger instead. Ate half the bun of course still watching my carbs consumption. The owner there was also very chatty and mentioned that last year he host 2 German cyclist. I was tempted to ask if he could host me but it’s only 2pm and I still like to do some more cycling. So did not ask la. 

I was making good time so I decided to push through to Kirklareli and start to look for accommodation options there. First stop to buy water and had a good chat with the owner. I asked where I should sleep or camp. Well no offer lot he says sleep either at the cemetery or a corner which he pointed that looks kinda crappy. In the end I said my goodbyes and left looking for other options. Next up a petrol station with a big car wash. Also cannot so push forward somemore and then saw what look like 2 police officer having a break at a small park and I asked where I could camp. They said I could camp here. Ok the place is small but there is a part that looks very discrete so I found my camping stop for the night. Tent set up. Raki sipped , a small bite ala cold cuts and now getting ready for bed. Hopefully everything will turn out ok. Sweet dreams. See you tomorrow. 

Lions Project : RM 20.38

Breakfast soup place. Seems like a popular place in town with a steady stream of crowd.
Center of Saray town
Several water stops. Drinkable it seems but I did not try.
Nice and wide open roads.
Strange structure in middle of the highway.
Probably overpaid for the fruits and egg i bought from her but i guess it pays for the selfie.
Coffee time with owner Ugur Salm
This farmer was crossing the road. Almost ram in to me
Bald but scenic with nice colors.

A old fort at Panirhisar

Campsite at last

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